Boston Equipment
Service Company Inc.

About Us

About BESC

Boston Equipment Service Company is a family-owned service company that provides residential HVAC, commercial refrigeration and food equipment installations and repairs for restaurants, bars, homes, hotels,  apartments and others.  BESC has the capability to handle projects ranging from that of small businesses to that of larger corporate chains. We provide a personalized  service to our clients in order to respond their needs.

Our service technicians are experts their fields and receive continual training in customer and technical service. When you call us, we will attempt to troubleshoot the issue over the phone in an effort to resolve the problem without the cost of a service technician's visit.

The biggest cause of equipment failure is lack of regular maintenance. By performing timely service, one can greatly extend the life of the equipment thus avoiding the cost of buying  new. Our Preventive Maintenance Service is truly worth its cost not only in dollars saved, but in time and worry for the client.

Call us today to find out more on how we can help you with your equipment and facility needs.

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